Why LIC Agency?

Startup Your Own Business With The Life Insurance Corporation

Role of LIC Agent or LIC agent

LIC agency is a Salesmanship

It’s a responsibly of LIC agent to identify proposer (prospective insurance buyer) who is enjoying good health and sound financial capabilities. Insurance is a hidden need of every individual always it is not in the priority lists of people. So it’s a part of LIC agency to bring that need into priority of proposers by showing risk cover, saving, returns, financial provisions for particular goals etc. Once need is created then it is easier to give solutions for that need. Hence if you want to be LIC agent ,you have to meet new people on regular basis.

LIC agent must have equipped with all LIC plans knowledge as well as other financial market product in order to explain to prospective. Role of LIC agency is providing financial security and showing saving opportunities.

LIC agency as Intermediaries between proposer and LIC

If any one wants saving, risk cover, retirement solution, child education provision ,daughter marriage provision ,Tax planning etc for long term ,they have to  take LIC policies. Only LIC agent is the authoriesed person to sale LIC policies. Now a days LIC is saleing very few plans (Term insurance, Single Pension plan ,Cancer Plans ) through online, but if is not very compatible with we Indian. We always need one to one explanation with some experts rather online reading abstruse terminology.


Life insurance agency is a unique career if you want to be LIC agent in mumbai – it is monetarily rewarding and soul satisfying too.The commodity that a life insurance agent sells is unique- you sell and service financial security and hence the pattern of remuneration for the same is also unique. Life insurance profession is the “best paid hard work”. The harder you work the more commission you get. The Profession of LIC Agent is called LIC Agency and LIC Agent Recruitment is done with the guidelines of IRDA.

  • Its A Part-Time Profession/JOB
  • Commission Based Profession (not salary )
  • Without Leaving Present JOB/BUSINESS